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You are just as good as the systems you use to file your clients tax and other returns.

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We have deployed industry experts to map the exact processes required by SARS, WCA and others, to get the work done fast. This saves you time, effort, and makes you look like a superhero. 

So if you’re ready to stop wasting time, download our “How to” guides:

  • SARS eFiling How to register for PAYE
  • SARS eFiling How to register for VAT
  • SARS eFiling How to register the Registered Representative
  • SARS eFiling How to request Transfer of Tax Types
  • How to link an organisation for workmen’s compensation
  • How to register as a user on the workmen’s compensation platform
  • How to register for Workmen’s compensation
  • How to request a letter of good standing with the compensation commissioner
  • How to submit a return of earnings (ROE) with the compensation commissioner

Our guides will get you over the finish line.

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