Zwakele Zikalala is one of 75 students taking part in SAIBAs U2Pro programme and has given positive feedback on the programme and gained multiple skills even before the programme ends.

Growing up shy she could not always participate in activities and make her voice herd. For someone who is just starting her career, being able to speak for herself confidently is a requirement for any job.

The soft skills and technology exposure she received as part of U2Pro can now be added to her CV, making her more employable and a step ahead of ordinary graduates.

Academic record

Zwakele graduated from Damelin college top of her class with a diploma in financial accounting.  Despite the financial difficulties, her parents were able to pay all her fees.

This challenge made her realise the need for broader tertiary funding access to potential university and college applicants. Currently, there are no bursaries or aids that cater for the need for private college education and Zwakele intends on starting an NPO to address this issue.

Born and bred in Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal, Zwakele said she has dreams of becoming a designated accountant and a businesswoman. With no interest in landing a dream job in one of the big accounting firms, Zwakele said starting her firm that will address inequality, issues of value, treatment and good salary is part of her future.

Some of the qualities that Zwakele said she possesses like ambition, discipline, perfectionism and attentiveness will help her in ensuring that she reaches all the goals that she has set for herself. Concluding the interview with these words “I will not stop until I get there”, Zwakele Zikalala is willing to work her way up the corporate ladder and create a name for herself.