In June 2021, The South African Revenue Service’s commissioner Edward Kieswetter notified SAIBA of their approval as a Recognised Controlling Body (RCB). SAIBA launched their tax practitioner license to equip its members and provide the best and exclusive resources. As a recognised controlling body, they aim to enable members to: 

  • Be competent and able to provide high-quality services, 
  • Be accountable for the work they perform, 
  • Be committed to tax CPD, 
  • Be aware of their role and responsibility to clients, and society. 
  • Provides advice to another person with respect to the application of a Tax Act or 
  • Completes or assists in completing a tax return on behalf of another. 

With the overwhelming number of inquiries and applications from members, SAIBA made an additional benefit to the tax practitioner package by partnering with Konsise (Pty) Ltd. 

Members who have already acquired their tax license are given access to SAIBA’s tax library, powered by Konsise. 

Konsise is a cloud-based electronic tax management system (ETMS) that helps companies to better manage their company tax processes and filings. 

The partnership aims to allow access to thousands of tax opinions and real- from tax experts at your fingertips. These tax opinions can be shared with clients or applied to client cases.  

The platform and here are the steps on how to use the platform:  




SAIBA’s Tax license is built on competence, ethics, and professional tax standards and provides powerful support to accountants in practice. 

The pool of resources and upskilling material that SAIBA provides to its members are endless. The members’ success and ability to service their clients with ease is SAIBA’s top priority and they continue to be the best professional body for accountants and finance executives. 

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