SAIBA Is in perpetual motion. A new kind of service has been introduced into the SAIBA family, established through an alliance with one of the world’s biggest groups in the accounting and finance field, Mazars.  

Mazars is an international, integrated, and independent firm, specialising in audit, accountancy, advisory and tax services. Mazars’ reach and standing in South Africa is very deep and their relationship with smaller firms it’s no different from what SAIBA wants their members to have with their clients.

SAIBA and Mazars have formed a strategic alliance called SAIBA Strategic Alliance (SA) that intends to bring SAIBA members a wide variety of services only available in audit firms, driving SAIBA’s vision of endless resource provision and business growth to its members.  

The alliance will help SAIBA members to grow clients, their resources, the ability to give guidance and help them develop. The quality expertise that SAIBA members will be exposed to will help attract the right clients and expand their businesses with proper resources at their disposal.  

SAIBA members will be able to get their clients a wide variety of services that Mazars offers, formal lines of communication, contact persons, and staff resources will be allocated to support allied firms operating within the Strategic Alliances. Mazars will have direct contact with the SAIBA member and the client to ensure that the services that are required are offered and overseen properly.


The strategic Alliances widens the scope of SAIBA firms to support a wide range of clients in all types of industries. The initiative offers members access to specialised services with SAIBA overseeing the business-to-business B2B relationship created between a large audit and advisory practice (LP) and SAIBA Small and Medium Practices (SMP). 

What Mazars offers to SAIBA members  

  • Accounting services
  • Payroll services
  • Assurance services including audit, independent review and agreed-upon procedures.
  • Oversight and quality review on accounting  
  • Preparation of financial statements and oversight thereof  
  • Preparation of financial statements and files for auditors of schools  
  • General business consulting and guidance
  • Tax services including consulting  
  • Estate planning and administration
  • Consulting services such as business plans, financial planning and structuring, Optimize.  

How to be part of the SAIBA Advisory Alliance  

  1. Apply – apply to be a part of SAA on your membership portal  
  1. Access – submit a ‘request of contract’ form with your online SAIBA profile  
  1. Engage – engage directly with Mazars Central to determine the scope and nature of the specific service required  

The alliance is meant to deliver a high level and relevant professional service to SAIBA members. Continuous development of SAIBA will remain the focus of the institution to ensure a growing, well-informed and skilled membership base.  

To get a full insight into this strategic alliance, you can watch the video below or visit the SAIBA website.