The South African Institute for Business Accountants simplified the lives of accountants yet again in 2021. New products, easier ways to manage practices and a strong community that accounting professionals can depend on.

The year ahead is set to bring more value and ease of access to all SAIBA members. Here is a quick peek at what 2022 holds for SAIBA members:

 Continuous Professional Development

SAIBA has always invested in the development and upskilling of its members. This is by providing up-to-date courses that update and inform the member with current regulations and skills. CEO Nicolaas van Wyk here, explains why continuous development is mandatory for accounting professionals. Highlighting the benefits of CPD as below:

  1. stay up to date with changes in laws, regulations, standards, guidance, and frameworks the professional should apply when providing services to business owners, and
  2. deliver a professional service

New CPD subscription available for 2022

The SAIBA Accountant-In-Practice PLUS Tax CPD Subscription option provides you with the knowledge and skills to earn a higher income from providing accounting and tax services to SMEs. The course gives you access to over 100 accounting, value-added training, auditing and assurance services, company secretarial, tax, laws, SARS, CIPC, regulations and other content to develop and advance your practice.

The SAIBA CPD courses are available for a year from 1 Jan 2022 to 31 Dec 2022, allowing members to access these courses when it is convenient for them.

The CPD packages are available for all designation holders categorised by their designations.

Here is a list of CPD packages that SAIBA has made available for its members in 2022:

  1. Accountant in Practice Plus Tax 2022
  2. Accountant in Practice 2022
  3. Bookkeeper 2022
  4. Quick Update 2022

New CPD packages are available as of December 2021 for the year 2022.

The year 2022 has all you need to keep your business thriving and all you need to do is become a SAIBA member and be a part of the best professional accounting body that takes care of you and your clients while making you money and the go-to business for all your client’s needs.