2021 for many, was a year to recover and get back on their feet and the birth of new and improved working conditions to accommodate the change.

For SAIBA, the aim was to better the lives and careers of their members by bringing them ease of access to information, creating new opportunities that will advance their members and make new income streams.

Here are some of the highlights from the 2021 SAIBA year:

PMC conference  

SAIBA hosted a practice management conference in Pretoria on the 15th of September to help Saiba members through the difficulties they have encountered over the last year and a half due to the Covid pandemic and to assist them in building a successful accounting practice, drawing on the knowledge and experience of some of the most accomplished accounting entrepreneurs.

Recognised Controlling Body

SAIBA received recognition as a Recognised Control Body (RCB) from the South African Revenue Services (Sars) after more than three years of applications and efforts, Saiba members are now Licensed Tax Practitioners without having to register with any other professional body.

SAIBA strategic alliance

SAIBA allied with Mazars to give their members access to a wide variety of services only available in audit firms, they can now offer their clients these services through Mazars.


Saiba and SA Accounting Academy (SAAA) joined forces to offer 75 students a chance to make a career in the accounting profession. Funded by Fasset (Finance and Accounting Services Sector Education and Training Authority). At the end of the programme, all the students will have the BA(SA) designation.

Global footprint

In November Saiba led a team of accounting professionals to Mexico for the annual conference of the Mexican Institute of Finance Executives (IMEF). Also extending its international links to the Russian Federation, which opens the door to the larger Eastern bloc.


SAIBA launched the PrivySeal Digital Accreditation Service to provide you with real-time digital credentials for its members. They can now display them in their invoices, email footers, vans, marketing materials, social media profiles and websites. This helped their members showcase their expertise and build their clients’ trust.

Namibian CPD

Saiba launched the Namibian Continuing Professional Development (CPD) subscription programme to help members to stay compliant and remain updated with practice management and regulatory changes. Members get to upskill themselves while ensuring that they give their members accurate advice.

The focus for 2021  was to improve and develop the careers and practices for their members and they will continue to do that in the coming year and beyond.