21 Reasons Why Tax Clients Switch Firms

Fix them while you have the chance. By Ed Mendlowitz. CPA Trendlines.


A recent article by Ed Mendlowitz writing for CPA Trendlines explored the reasons why clients ditch their tax accountants. The reasons are quite revealing. If you want to be successful learn from these mistakes.

  1. Owed a large amount that wasn’t expected
  2. Get super large refund that wasn’t expected
  3. Doesn’t return phone calls
  4. Last-minute rush
  5. Errors every year
  6. Large (or even a small) error not apologized for, or explained
  7. “Dumb” phone calls from CPA’s office
  8. Fee too high (based on previous years)
  9. Got notice and paid penalty that was preparer’s fault
  10. Paid interest on a late payment that was caused by CPA’s delay
  11. Accountant didn’t follow up on something they should have
  12. CPA should have called me more frequently for missing info
  13. I was charged for a redo for a corrected statement from my broker
  14. I was charged for handling a notice that was erroneously sent to me by IRS
  15. I was billed for people working on return that I never heard of
  16. Billed for staff people correcting errors they made (this was said on the time run sent to me with bill)
  17. CPA lost personal touch
  18. Person handling my account left and was not comfortable with new person
  19. Practice was sold and I never heard from new accountant
  20. CPA’s appearance and office looked out of control
  21. Don’t see CPA as a “partner”