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5 ways to foster engagement as an accounting leader


Finance is always seen as the mundane department within a company. This shouldn’t be the case. As a financial leader is it important to be fully engaged with your team

According to this article there are five ways to lead a successful financial team.

Encourage customer service 

Ensure that your team provides outstanding customer service. The team is seen as ambassadors of the company and should act accordingly.

Challenge the mind and put up an inspirational whiteboard

Engage with your team by motivating them with inspirational thoughts and allow them to share inspirational thoughts of their own.

Take their seat

Be understanding of team members jobs. Take a look at how they do their jobs, how long it takes and where they could improve. By doing this you are able to assess where the team member may need help or if they might not be right for the job at all.

Challenge employees to write down and elaborate on ideas

This will encourage out of the box thinking.

Reward well completed tasks 

Acknowledgement and rewards go a lot further than criticism (and where you criticise, do it in a way that does not crush the employee).