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9 reasons why you need a certified business accountant


The value of choosing a Certified Business Accountant – that is, certified by the SA Institute of Business Accountants (Saiba) – boils down to hard cash in your pocket and vastly improved business performance. The CBA (SA) does far more for your business than merely keep the books up to date.

Here are nine reasons why you should choose a Certified Business Accountant for your business.

  1. Saves you money: Certified Business Accountants are business performance specialists who will be able to show you ways to improve revenue and cut costs, and focus on those areas of your business which are most profitable – or have the potential to be more profitable
  2. Ensures you are tax compliant: This is vital for business survival. Remaining tax complaint, yet knowing how to optimise your business for tax efficiency is part of the service offered by Certified Business Accountants.
  3. Reduces costs: Business Accountants will be able to show you which parts of your business are leaking costs so you can improve profitability and returns.
  4. Enhances revenue: Oddly enough, one of the easiest things for a trained Certified Business Accountant to achieve is improved revenue, and something that is often overlooked by business owners who are too focused on putting out fires to see the opportunities that are there for the plucking.
  5. Improves your business: Business accountants certified by Saiba are specialists at improving efficiency by undertaking a detailed analysis of the business to strengthen affluences and cut out wastage.
  6. Mentors and coaches: They will guide and train you in business excellence, and help benchmark your business against your peers.
  7. Gets you funding: With accurate financial statements and all your compliances in order, business accountants are perfectly positioned to help you gain additional funding from banks, fintechs and other sources.
  8. Protects against fraud: This is an increasing risk to all companies. Fraud is on the rise, and business accountants will help detect, root out and prevent fraud in the future.
  9. Prepares financial statements: This is the traditional role of the accountant. But to maximise efficiency, you need financial statements that tell the story of your company. Armed with the correct information, you can make better management decisions.

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