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A solution to power cuts during working hours


In the past years, load shedding was a feature of winter months only, but we have had to learn to live with it, regardless of season.

This becomes an inconvenience for the people working from home: having no backup power means that you lose hours of work that are often hard to replace.

For the fortunate, a backup generator kicks in as soon as the power goes off. For most, it means hours of no work. While others can invest in solar power, it is expensive and would need a lot of savings.

There is a solution that can keep you up and running for longer: Uninterrupted Power Supply systems or UPS is an affordable way to keep connected for longer and avoid losing hours of work. Here is how a UPS works: depending on the size of the battery, the pricing of the UPS power supply range from R1,000. The UPS power supply can keep your router on for up to one and a half hours.

Here is how the UPS power supply works

There are three kinds of industrial UPS systems or commercial UPS systems.

Offline-Standby UPS is the simplest. It’s essentially a battery backup, and it only provides surge and spike protection against complete power failures and voltage spikes and dips.

Line-Interactive UPS is similar to Office-Standby, but it uses a specialised “multi-tap transformer” that reacts to voltage changes by increasing or reducing its magnetic field and, hence, the power output into the load circuit. This gives it two advantages over the Office-Standby. It protects against voltage sags and dips, as well as surges and spikes. It does this by using line current instead of its battery pack—in the short run increasing the available runtime of the UPS during a total power failure, and in the long run, extending the useful life of the battery pack.

Online Double-Conversion UPS is the most sophisticated. To understand how it works, it helps to be familiar with two concepts:

AC Voltage Rectification—batteries cannot be recharged with AC and so all UPS battery backup systems include a rectifier that changes the AC to DC.

DC Voltage Inversion—however, when the battery pack is called upon during sags and dips or a total power failure, it can only deliver DC. So, an inverter is required to transform the DC to AC.

One can simply purchase a UPS power supply that can keep your computer and router up and running for more than an hour. The UPS power supply battery can last up to 13 years, according to research. You can purchase the UPS power supply on different online stores like Takealot.

The downside to the UPS power supply is that you cannot charge your laptop, but it allows you time to save your work when the power goes off and your battery is running low.

These solutions give you a little more time to work during the three or more hours of load shedding, and make sure you can remain productive when the power grid fails you.