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Accountants do more than number crunching


Contrary to the stereotype that accountants do little more than crunch numbers in a cubicle, the reality is of course more complex: they have to understand IT, tax, cyber-security and much more besides.

Accountants need to be able to handle more than just numbers in order to stay relevant.

In order for clients to trust their accountants they need to know that they will be correctly advised about all aspects of their business. They need an accountant that is familiar with the ups and downs of business and how to navigate through the various stages of business development.

According to Puget Sound Business Journal, these are some of the talents clients expect from an accountant:

  1. Cybersecurity: hackers are lurking in smoky rooms, looking to rip off businesses. Cybersecurity knowledge is essential in keeping businesses safe (as well as keeping you safe as an accountant). Hackers often target accountants through blackmail and various other methods that could be detrimental to your image.
  2. Help with the administration of software.
  3. Advice on tax compliance.
  4. IT services
  5. Strategic planning

As an accountant one needs to adapt with the changes in the industry. Crunching numbers is just a part of it.