Accountants frustrate entrepreneurs


As an accountant you may think that your entrepreneurial client is quite happy with the service you render, but the reality is that accountants do things that their entrepreneurial clients find frustrating.

To find out what about their accountants frustrate entrepreneurs, a reporter from AccountingWEB used his annual networking ski trip to ask fellow skiers exactly that.

Most of the interviewees were immediately able to identify frustrations, when they were asked “what is the most frustrating thing your accountant does?”

The answers varied from working to close to deadlines to not being available when needed to the perplexing language used in conversations, emails and forms.

Although some of their frustrations are unreasonable, what should matter for accountants is their client’s perception, as their perception is their reality and their frustrations might just lead them to take their business elsewhere.

The top ten frustrations:

  1. He works too close to the deadlines.
  2. Charging me by reference to how much time she spends doing stuff.
  3. Not helping me to run a better business
  4. They’re not great at communicating with me and aren’t always available when I want to speak to them
  5. They are not being proactive and give me no advice unless I ask for it
  6. I wish they would give me a heads up on how much I owe SARS at least a year in advance
  7. I was recommended to a particular guy in the firm who I speak to every now and then. But he seems to pass all my work down to someone else who passes it on further down the line
  8. They seem to be beholden to SARS and always seem to focus only on complying with the tax laws and rules and my business needs
  9. I went to him on a recommendation without checking he understood my type of business
  10. Everything is bespoke. In practice this means there aren’t many processes that simplify things. So everything feels like’s it more complicated than it needs to be.”


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