‘Accountants make good business owners’


It is sometimes said that accountants can’t and don’t make good business owners, but that is not true, according to a Quickbooks website blog.

The author says more and more successful businesses are lately being led by people with an accounting background.

Some of the benefits of having an accounting background are listed as:

  1. Accountants already deal with business owners every day and see clients who are extraordinarily successful as well as the opposite.
  2. If you are an accountant and you start a business, you already have what every business needs – an accountant. “There is a reason there are many accountants in highly paid roles in public companies. They are experts in risk mitigation and a valuable addition to any management team.”
  1. They understand that just because there is a profit on paper, it doesn’t mean they can pull as much cash as they like out of their businesses. They reduce the risk of the business being bled dry
  1. Even though accountants are not taught business skills at university, they are mostly well read, are often abreast of developments in business and changing landscapes and attend several conferences and seminars a year which may keep their business skills sharp.
  1. Surveys show that accountants are the most trusted advisors who can create win-win scenarios to the benefit of themselves, their businesses and most importantly, their customers and clients.

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