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Accountants: Unleash Your Secret Superpower


It’s Time for the Super-Heroes of Ethical Behavior and the Public Trust to Help Save the World.

According to Donny C. Shimamoto, CPA.CITP, CGMA – “It seems like every day there is either news of a new scandal or additional “discoveries” about an on-going scandal and he considers it to be ‘quite depressing'”.

He ponders whether accountants are natively more ethical when compared to doctors and lawyers for example.

Shimamoto explores some of the reasons he believes accountants act more ethically than others and suggests that accountants have super powers! He asks, “how do we get more people to behave more ethically—more like us accountants?”

  • What is it that makes accountants more ethical?
  • Is it something that is inborn in us?
  • Does being an accountant make us more ethical?
  • Or is it an inborn belief in ethical behavior that makes accounting attractive to us?

He goes on to quote the CPA credo as introduced by Eli Mason in the late 1900s. Eli Mason’s “CPA Credo” charges CPAs (excerpt from The CPA Journal, November 2001):

  • To serve the public from whom my authority is derived
  • To serve my profession and contribute to its institutions
  • To practice at the highest professional level
  • To maintain an ethical posture characteristic of a learned profession
  • To maintain my ethical skills so that the public is served with competence
  • To maintain a state of independence at all times so that decisions are reached with objectivity
  • To work with my colleagues—for the practice of a profession is an experience in human behavior and mutual respect.

Shimamoto concludes by saying: “We can truly help reduce the problems of the world if we apply these superpowers to the organizations we serve, embrace our duty to the public, and uphold the CPA Credo.

Are you hiding your superpowers away? Or are you truly having a positive impact and using your superpowers for the greater good?”

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