Accounting jobs most at risk from automation – PwC


The accounting industry is abuzz with discussions about the risks that automation holds for the industry. While some say technology will mean the end of the industry, others maintain that it is an exciting time for the profession. Among those that have spoken out on the risks technology holds for the industry, is PwC. In a recent report, PwC said many of the jobs in which people work today will simply not exist by the next decade, either entirely, or not in the same numbers.

Top of this list was accounting, which, according to PwC, are “most at risk from computerisation and technology”, with a 97,5 per cent probability of being automated in the next 20 years.

However, this claim was dismissed just a day later by Sam Allert, managing director of Reckon, the leading Australian-based provider of software solutions for accounting and bookkeeping professionals.

Allert admitted that there are massive changes in the accounting and bookkeeping profession, “but, this is not bad change or change to fear – this is great change.”

“Some commentators talk about this in a [fearful] way, as bad change, but we see this as a very positive change,” he said.

On the other hand, the Australian chief executive of PwC was quoted as saying that he is not surprised that digital disruption is putting accounting jobs at risk.

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