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Arnold Green celebrates 16 years of Saiba membership


Arnold Green, one of the two the National Lottery Commission’s monitoring and evaluations officer based in Kimberly – Northern Cape, has been a Saiba member for 16 years and a practicing accountant for more than 20, having served in fields such as logistics, insurance, auditing, health and safety and now grant funding.

Arnold shared his memories and his career journey with Accounting Weekly. As a Business Accountant in Practice (BAP), he has received the recognition which his professional experience warrants. More than anything else, he says, it has helped him advance his career.  


“From 1999 I have worked in various companies post-articles, gaining experience from various industry sectors. Certain of these various sectors includes Cross-Border/International businesses. In 2013, I was retrenched in the Private Corporate Sector and established my own practise and for 2 years I worked as a public practitioner and performing contractual duties at various industries and it was when another such contractual opportunity came along, I was given an opportunity to work for the National Lottery Commission of South Africa, initially in a Temp Capacity.

“I have occupied numerous positions and all of them equipped me to be well suited for my current position at the National Lottery Commission. My role revolves around monitoring of projects to measure impact and involves a project management role and the sampling of monitoring visits to NPOs and NGOs such as sports clubs. I am very much invested in this sector and Saiba’s zeal on the sector also makes me proud to be a member of such an amazing body.”

After successfully applying for a permanent position at the NLC since March 2016, he runs a practice on a part-time basis with the support of his wife where she captures all the client data and he verifies and signs off. Services the offer include data capturing, VAT, payroll and tax returns. He uses cloud accounting like Draftworx to help him fastrack his business. “I have loyal clients, some which were former employers from different companies. Their loyalty has been great and I have been doing my best to give them the great service they deserve “

16 years with Saiba

“I first joined Saiba on 31 May, 2005. I have been a proud member of Saiba for 16 years. There is no doubt that the BAP (SA) designation has allowed me progress my career, and Ihave been able to witness the growth of the organisation from when it was small to what it is today. I am particularly pleased with the practice support networks that Saiba provides, which are helpful in finding solutions in real-time.

“When Saiba was still young, it outsourced the CPD (Continuous Professional Development) subscriptions. These are now provided in-house, which is another sign of growth. I am impressed with the drive for compliance and the non-profit sector.

“Saiba has always been great in its communication. Whenever I need help, my personal portfolio consultant, Penly Matjila, is there to assist me.”

The future for Saiba

I want to see Saiba become the biggest professional accounting body in the country. t is already making a difference in the accounting and auditing world, and I thiunk this role will expand into the future. It also expect it will become vital in the career developemntn of its members.