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8 Ways for Accountants to Minimize Legal Risks

The pandemic disrupted business as usual, and for accounting professionals, this has meant heightened concerns about liability insurance. How can you protect yourself in the face of shifting clientele and constantly changing tax laws?  Read the full article here.

Emerging fraud risks to put on your radar for 2022

Fraud risk has surged during the COVID-19 pandemic as businesses shifted to an online model. In this article, CPA Dawn Brolin explains the emerging risks and how accountants can practice cyber wellness to stop cyber fraud. Read more here.

What skills do you need to transition to advisory?

Most firms understand the need to offer advisory services but struggle with getting their staff to believe they have the skills to be confident advisors. Fortunately, most accounting professionals can learn the skills of an advisor. Consider the following skills to identify existing knowledge and skills gaps in your team. Communication Collaboration Trust Read more here.