Become a radical accountant in 2016


2016 will present a lot of opportunities for accountants unfortunately the market is also getting more competitive and to stand out from the crowd you will need to become radical. In the US a new model of customer centricity is gaining ground.

What radical CPAs in the US have done is to put their cus­tomers first. They have made their firms customer-centric instead of the traditional firm-centric model of years past. Their firms have changed to meet the needs and requirements of today’s fast-paced mobile, social, value, experience-driven consumers.

Being a radical CPA is hard.

The transparency you need to subscribe to with your custom­ers, your team and your vendors is not easy. These relationships will take effort and a new awareness of self that you most likely have never had to show in the business world before. The days of being just a service provider are gone unless you are okay with a commodized service. It’s really more of a partnering relation­ship similar to dating or a marriage.

You will have to choose these new relationships wisely. You have to make sure that the annoying things each side does are expressed up front and resolved because all of these independent and interdependent relationships will create your new customer-centric brand.

Communication is key.

It comes back to communication. You have to make sure every­thing is working properly and smoothly on both sides.

It’s a chal­lenge from a firm perspective to get everybody on the same page. However, the more you can deliver on your “why” – via cloud, social, value and experience – the better your firm and cus­tomer satisfaction are going to be. You’ll also be more profitable since you’re going to be delivering the value you promised. This will increase your brand’s value – and strong brands create exponentially more income and long-term wealth.

How far have we come and where are we headed? See for yourself:

By Jody Padar CPA Trendlines