Business idea of the week – make money from sending reminders


A £2,000 loan from his father helped the 13-year Harvey Millington to launch one of the fastest growing businesses in the UK. The schoolboy launched his own ‘Tax Disc Reminder’ business, after noticing his dad’s car didn’t have a tax disc in the windscreen. All vehicles over three years old in the UK must be tested annually for vehicle safety, roadworthiness and exhaust emissions in what is generally know as the MOT test (Ministry of Transport test). The MOT-disc as well as the tax disc must be displayed in the windscreen of all vehicles.

Harvey started the business after he noticed that his father’s car didn’t have a tax disc and asking his dad why there isn’t a tax disc that also displayed the date the MOT was about to expire.

His father, Henry, answered the question with: “Well, who’s going to make one?” and Harvey said: ‘I’ll do it’’.

Customers simply enter their car registration details and Harvey looks up tax and MOT date and sends them a reminder disc.

Harvey has sold 1,000 in a day and has sold them to customers across the UK, and with his simple idea his business is now one of the fastest growing in the country.

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