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Calling the next generation of accountants


Saiba has a long established history of nurturing the next generation of accountants, and was proud to be involved in the training of 50 accounting graduates on behalf of Fasset (the Financial and Accounting Sector Education and Training authority) in 2019 and 2020.

Tania Lee, Saiba’s lead consultant in charge of the project, says Saiba is again excited to be part of a Fasset-funded programme to groom the next generation of accountants. “Like the previous programme, this is a work readiness programme that will focus on soft skills, as well as accounting and tax skills.”

Accounting graduates being put through their work-readiness steps in 2019

Saiba has put out a call for graduates to apply.

By the end of the programme learners will have obtained their Business Accountant (BA(SA)) designation, completed 120 credits of the Tax Technician occupational qualification, be sustainably employed and en route to their qualification. They will also be well advanced towards the Tax Technician designation and Business Accountant in Practice (BAP(SA)).

The programme will cover three major sections, namely workplace readiness preparation (including accounting), tax bridging and finally job placement.

“Our target is to assist all program participants to find sustainable employment by entering into the accounting profession,” says Lee.

Fasset awarded a grant to Tax Faculty to train 25 learners on work readiness programme. The funding is for one year, after which learners have a choice of applying for the BA(SA) designation from Saiba, or continuing on for a second year (funding permitting) at which point they will become tax practitioners or will be eligible to apply for the BAP(SA) designation – which is a designation offered by Saiba and aimed at those who intend to offer accounting services to the business community.

To qualify for the programme:

  • Applicants must be natural South African citizens.
  • Applicants must either be African Black or Coloured learners from the Western and Northern Cape, or disabled learners.
  • Applicants must be unemployed, i.e. currently not employed in a full-time permanent position (internships and learnerships are usually not considered as full-time employment). Struggling self-employed individuals will be considered.
  • Applicants must have at least an NQF 7 (Higher Certificate) or equivalent in the field of tax.

Applicants should preferably have a least one year experience in the field of taxation.

To Apply send emails to: apply@accountingacademy.co.za  or call Pam at 0105930466

Closing Date: The closing date for applications is the 5th May 2021.