Accounting and Auditing
David Wray on how ESG reporting will soon impact all aspects of business  

David Wray is no newcomer to dealing with change. He has been advising top companies across the world for over two decades. We spoke to him about how the climate crisis will necessitate wide ranging organisational changes in the coming years. Your website describes you as a ‘transformation and change management executive’. Would it be […]

Executive Education in the time of Climate Change

Professor Nico Schutte, who heads up corporate education at Regenesys Business School, believes that sustainability issues should be centered in accounting education, including a greater awareness of the ethical and moral considerations of business as well as the development of transdisciplinary skills. What unique challenges does South Africa face when training people for the global […]

Steinhoff ordered to disclose full PwC audit report

Steinhoff cannot pick and choose what it discloses in the wake of its disastrous financial scandal. This is according to the legal counsel for Arena Holdings, who on Monday argued that the scandal-hit retail company had not established why the contents of a 3 000-page report from a PwC investigation should be withheld. Read the full article here.

Mining industry commits to new ESG reporting framework

At the Cape Town Mining Indaba this week, the International Council on Mining and Metals unveiled a new Social and Economic Reporting Framework for its members, who represent a third of the industry. Critics may see corporate whitewashing, but such initiatives are driven in part by investors and add to transparency. Read the full article […]

Data, integration and automation: Risk Insights’ perspective on ESG reporting  

Andrey Bogdanov is the principal and interim CEO at Risk Insights and Co-Chair of the World Economic Forum New Champions South Africa Chapter. They’ve developed a tool called ESG GPS, which uses AI to rate the ESG credentials of listed firms. We spoke to him about how he sees the world of ESG. Is it […]

The ISSB: a game changer for ESG reporting? 

Many companies today are confused as to how best to report their environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance in a way that will be credible to shareholders and other stakeholders. Much of this confusion stems from a plethora of sustainability reporting frameworks. For many, the answer could well be the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB), […]

When it comes to ESG reporting, fortune favors the bold 

At the heart of ESG lies materiality. From a corporate perspective, it offers a performance measurement framework. For investors, it is a screening mechanism that can be used by socially and environmentally conscious investors to identify and vet value- and value-based investments. Read the full article here.

The future of sustainability reporting standards

Many businesses are preparing for future sustainability disclosures and committing to transparency andaccountability before they are mandated. Now is the time for companies and their leaders to work together with regulators and civil society to achieve consistent, global standards and contribute to this critical process that will help define corporate reporting and accountability for the […]

Three ways accountants can use their skills to tackle the climate crisis  

The skills of accounting professionals will help ensure that globally consistent and locally relevant climate metrics are achieved.  Read the full article here.

The ABCs of ESG Reporting 

Accountants are increasingly expected to report on facets of the businesses they operate in that do not form part of a traditional annual report. We unpack what ESG is and how it could affect you.   What is ESG reporting?  Environmental, social, and governance reporting tries to capture costs and benefits that don’t make it into […]