SAIBA looks at continuous development for 2022

The South African Institute for Business Accountants simplified the lives of accountants yet again in 2021. New products, easier ways to manage practices and a strong community that accounting professionals can depend on. The year ahead is set to bring more value and ease of access to all SAIBA members. Here is a quick peek […]

The practicality of running a practice with Mzomuhle Ndlangisa

Mzomuhle Ndlangisa is an accountant, BAP (SA) designation holder and owns an accounting practice. WorthWorld Consulting offers accounting, tax and advisory services in Pretoria and Durban where their offices are based. Accounting Weekly asked Mzomuhle to share his recipe for running a successful practice, below are major contributory factors in the running of a successful […]

Automation makes space for efficiency – Embrace AI

Technology advancement has taken the front seat in the past decade. From medicine to processing and now accounting and finance. Cloud technology was the biggest leap that introduced the possibility of huge advancement in future. The start of the Covid-19 pandemic fast-tracked the adaptation of technology and remote working. Which meant that there was very […]

Advisory services – SAIBA allies with Mazars

SAIBA Is in perpetual motion. A new kind of service has been introduced into the SAIBA family, established through an alliance with one of the world’s biggest groups in the accounting and finance field, Mazars.   Mazars is an international, integrated, and independent firm, specialising in audit, accountancy, advisory and tax services. Mazars’ reach and standing in South Africa is very deep and their relationship with smaller firms […]

SAIBA tops up Tax practitioner benefits with expert advice access

In June 2021, The South African Revenue Service’s commissioner Edward Kieswetter notified SAIBA of their approval as a Recognised Controlling Body (RCB). SAIBA launched their tax practitioner license to equip its members and provide the best and exclusive resources. As a recognised controlling body, they aim to enable members to:  Be competent and able to provide high-quality services,  Be accountable for the work they perform,  Be committed to tax CPD,  Be aware of their […]

Cannabis: the unexploited market worth billions

A multibillion-rand industry capable of saving the country from the current financial doom is hidden behind backyards and left for the black market to exploit. Permitting the trade and cultivation of cannabis is a long-term solution to South Africa’s financial crisis. Cannabis, also known as marijuana, was decriminalized in South Africa in 2018. This follows […]

What does it mean to be “Professional” and why is CPD mandatory for Professionals?

Professionals like doctors, lawyers and accountants often receive special privileges in law. Only a doctor can treat patients or operate. Only lawyers can appear in court. Only auditors can audit financial statements and only accounting officers can issue independent review engagements. Why would society award professionals such exclusivity and what do they expect in return? […]

Join the hundreds of Saiba members applying to become licensed tax practitioners

On 27 May 2021, Saiba announced that it had been awarded the status of Recognised Controlling Body (RCB) in terms of Section 240A(2) of the Tax Administration Act. This means that Saiba members are able to directly register with Saiba to obtain their tax practitioner status with SA Revenue Services (Sars). As we previously reported, […]

The Saiba roadshow is coming to a town near you

The Saiba roadshow is about to kick off on 12 October in Potchefstroom, followed by Bloemfontein and Kimberly, before the caravan moves on to Kwazulu-Natal. The purpose of the roadshow is to arm Saiba members with the tools they need to boom their practices, and to take their rightful places at the centre of national […]

Ruwynne Smith’s fantastic journey to business rescue practitioner

Ruwynne Smith is a legend in the Saiba community, not least for the years of toil and excellent service delivered to his clients. Now he has another reason to celebrate: he is one of Saiba’s newly minted Business Rescue Practitioners (BRPs), and he sees this as the door to double the size of his business […]