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Advisory services – SAIBA allies with Mazars

SAIBA Is in perpetual motion. A new kind of service has been introduced into the SAIBA family, established through an alliance with one of the world’s biggest groups in the accounting and finance field, Mazars.   Mazars is an international, integrated, and independent firm, specialising in audit, accountancy, advisory and tax services. Mazars’ reach and standing in South Africa is very deep and their relationship with smaller firms […]

Compliance or advisory? You can do both

Successfully providing advisory services is dependent on compliance work. To advise and guide your clients, you need a foundation of current, accurate financial data. Firms can outsource and automate many tasks related to these services, but the need is still there. Find out how you can provide both services here.

The role of relationships in advisory services

If you have the same number-crunching power as other firms in your space, what’s there to set you apart? It’s the relationships you develop with your clients and your ability to use those relationships to provide better service. One of the reasons a relational approach is so valuable to firms is that it is future-proof […]

What skills do you need to transition to advisory?

Most firms understand the need to offer advisory services but struggle with getting their staff to believe they have the skills to be confident advisors. Fortunately, most accounting professionals can learn the skills of an advisor. Consider the following skills to identify existing knowledge and skills gaps in your team. Communication Collaboration Trust Read more here.

Expand your practice with advisory services

If you’re looking for ways to expand your practice, adding advisory services is a great place to start. The addition of advisory services can benefit both your clients and your firm; offering clients a single location for all of their financial and tax preparation needs while providing your firm with a healthy dose of additional […]

Cannabis: ‘a bright spot’ for accountants

Already growing strongly before 2020, cannabis has continued to thrive even amid the coronavirus pandemic.That lack of access to normal banking channels (because federally regulated banks don’t want customers who sell a drug that’s illegal on the federal level) is one of the serious problems that has plagued cannabis businesses from the beginning. Read more […]

Cannabis accounting: what your clients need to know

When a cannabis business owner asks you anything related to the services they might need, remind them that they want to keep their money clean and focus on efficient scaling. To do so, they’re going to need professional help from: An Accountant A bookkeeper A tax practitioner An attorney A security company Read more here.

Updated Cannabis Rules Proposed For South Africa

The Department of Health has backed the introduction of the Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill but warned that some health and safety issues will need to be addressed.Presenting to parliament on Tuesday (24 August), the department said that the legal decision to decriminalise cannabis for private use is correct Read more here.

4 benefits of value pricing and (how to do it)

Selling your services based on the prices can throw you off and constantly have to adjust the prices to level the competition. Selling services based on the value is best, here are the benefits and how to do it. Break with the past Identify the resistance Don’t do it all at once Offer tiered pricing […]

7 Steps for building strong partnerships

According to a marketing and SEO platform, 90% of people are much more likely to trust a recommended company, even if the recommendation comes from a stranger. Here are seven tips for finding and nurturing a great referral partner. Identify Your Ideal Client Select Your Referral Channels Decide What Your Partnership Will Look Like Explain […]