Automation makes space for efficiency – Embrace AI

Technology advancement has taken the front seat in the past decade. From medicine to processing and now accounting and finance. Cloud technology was the biggest leap that introduced the possibility of huge advancement in future. The start of the Covid-19 pandemic fast-tracked the adaptation of technology and remote working. Which meant that there was very […]

Creating a Better Client Experience Through AI

Clients want a better billing experience. With AI-powered billing, you have the ability to make that billing experience delightful rather than dreadful – yes, delightful. In the process, you’ll measurably improve your practice’s financial health. Read more here.

How to reinvent yourself for the AI-driven world

There are three key skills you’ll want to start building right now to propel you into the future: Building a vision and strategy for your firm, as well as helping your clients do the same for their businesses. Becoming a personal business coach, leveraging your vast experience and the data you have access to as […]

Machine learning in accounting and what it means for business

If you’ve ever messaged an online chatbot or asked Alexa a question, you’ve used machine learning. But do you know how machine learning in accounting can make a startup or small business’s processes more accurate and efficient? By using Machine Learning-powered software, your finance team can apply these technologies to a range of processes, including: […]

Automation won’t replace accountants

By now, AI is being utilized in almost every industry. While in some sectors automation could lead to a reduction in the number of jobs, for accountants, its impact is beneficial. If you’re a practicing accountant, rest easy; technology isn’t coming here to take your job, it’s here to make your job better. Read more […]

 Embracing the AI wave

Firms that seek to remain a step ahead would be wise to reckon with AI today, no matter the scale on which they are able to do so. In order to do that though, it’s important to take pauses in the business to lift up at a higher level and determine the best path forward. […]

3 ways that AI bookkeeping can transform your business

The use of AI accounting automation isn’t limited to global enterprises: Some modern firms offer AI bookkeeping and accounting services that benefit businesses of all sizes. Here is how the widespread adoption of AI will transform the role of the finance professional for the better: Faster processes and improved accuracy More timely reporting, and advanced […]

5 ways to use tech to improve strategy in 2022

As accounting processes become more automated and COVID-19 continues to impact the global economy, finance leaders must prioritize using AI and other technologies in 2022 to give their organizations a competitive edge. Here are 5 ways on how you can do that: Reinvent outdated processes Align technology to deliver complete solutions  Leverage data  Implement intelligence […]

Gilded launches crypto tool for QuickBooks

Gilded Compass is designed for accounting firms and crypto businesses with a large volume of transactions that need to define rules for how crypto transactions are synced. For businesses at scale, Compass saves valuable accounting time by simplifying transaction classifications: making it easier to balance your wallets and revalue your assets at the end of […]

Cryptoaccounting software gets rolling

A cryptocurrency tax and accounting software is making waves as TaxBit, a cryptocurrency tax and accounting software that automates tax calculations and reporting on cryptocurrency transactions attract big companies in the US. Recommended and trusted by several sources, its worldwide use is expanding. Read more here.