Financial forecasting techniques for CFOs


CFO Talks, a platform which facilitates talks relevant to CFOs, presents its second webinar on Thursday, on the subject of Successful Financial Forecasting Techniques.

Given the increasing complexity of modern business and the exponential rate of change facing management in today’s business world, the ability to have flexible and reliable forecasting capability has become a necessity. Management is faced with increased competition and an ever-changing playing field and needs a dynamic tool to assist in making informed decisions. This webinar will address various approaches to successful financial forecasting and consider the relative merits of each approach.

The presenter of the webinar is Colin Human, CEO at Goalfix Financial Modellers, will explain the different approaches to successful financial forecasting and consider the relative merits of each.

Human is one of South Africa’s leading financial modellers with extensive business experience. A chartered accountant, he has occupied various senior management positions in both public and private companies across a wide range of industries from aluminum, building, ceramic tiles and engineering to granite, education, hotel and corporate finance. Apart from his position at Goalfix, he is currently a director of a number of other companies.

Human started his modelling activities in the early 80s and today is recognised as a Master Financial Modeller and dynamic Course Director who has developed and presented several courses both locally and internationally.

In Thursday’s webinar, Human will cover will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to forecasting alternatives
  • Budgeting and forecasting overview – looking at alternative methods
  • An introduction to financial modelling
  • Why financial models offer the best solution for financial forecasting
  • How financial models meet all the critical aspects of successful forecasting

This webinar is part of CFO Talks’ CPD webinar subscription. On registration, delegates will get access to two webinars per month on a wide variety of subjects affecting finance professionals, including mergers and acquisitions, people management, data analytics, cash flow forecasting and much more.