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CIPC launches new online compliance checklist

The Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) has launched a user-friendly e-service for customers to enable them to declare the status of their company as required under the Companies Act.

The service can be accessed by choosing the Compliance Checklist button on the Transact page of e-Services. The checklist can be completed by selecting the relevant buttons next to each question.

The roll-out of the Compliance Checklist will be on a voluntary basis for a period of four months from 1 September 2019 to allow entities to familiarise themselves with the checklist. It becomes mandatory to complete Compliance Checklist from 1 January 2020 before submitting annual returns.

SAIBA has prepared an online webinar for you that explains how to complete the checklist and the necessary workings papers. Click here to begin the checklist training

Mandatory requirements

To ensure compliance of the mandatory requirements of the Companies Act such as described in section 15 – requiring every company to have a MOI.

Serves as an educational tool for directors and company secretaries, in guiding them with regards to their responsibilities in terms of the Companies Act.

CIPC will utilise the Checklist to monitor and regulate proper compliance with the Companies Act and if trends of non compliance appear, to act accordingly.

Only applicable to the following categories of companies:

  • Incorporated – Inc. (21)
  • Proprietary Limited – (Pty) Ltd (07)
  • Limited – Ltd (06)
  • State owned company – SOC (30)
  • Non-Profit Company – NPC (08)

Screen shots of what the Compliance Checklist looks like:

How to rectify incorrect information submitted

If incorrect information is submitted send an email to to explain why incorrect information was submitted and why it should be rectified and CIPC will make a determination.

For any questions or specific points of clarification on the Compliance Checklist send email to