The Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) may have to look for files between departments to make copies for clients that have requested them.

This transpired from this month’s Companies Liaison Committee (CLC) meeting at the CIPC.

The moving of files from the main building has caused delays, as some files with queries are not with the service providers.

It was also confirmed that each client will only be billed once if they requested copies or disclosures from several files. 700 Requests for copies and files are still outstanding but should be resolved by the end of November.

Other issues discussed at the meeting were the lodging of tickets, oatomated services and an update on XBRL.

Clients are urged to follow up on any transactions that are not tracked within the specified dates, after which tickets will self delete and the entire process will have to commence again. Clients should follow up before 10 working days to prevent this from happening.

The CIPC is busy with gradually transferring all documents to the new automatic payment system where payment will be made directly from clients’ bank accounts. However, a timeframe for completion is not yet available.

Lastly, the availability of eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) software seems to be a huge problem as companies would have to buy the software from CIPC approved service providers. There will be twelve different software service providers but they are not known to clients yet, as the CIPC are still awaiting their proposals.

However, it is planned that the test period for the new XBRL program is rolled out in February 2018. 100 companies selected by CIPC will be the one’s to go live in February for the testing of the system.