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Cloud computing enables simplified Accounting processes


In the constantly evolving world of work, several companies are switching to cloud computing as a means to ease business processes. Proven to be a more cost-effective and secure method of conducting business, cloud solutions offer business owners the convenience of accessing their portals anywhere, at any time.

Evert Swanepoel of Equality Accounting Dynamics made the move to cloud when he realised the potential impact it could have on his business dealings. “Technology is the way of the future. The old methods of bookkeeping and accounting are becoming outdated and being phased out.”

A client of EasyBiz Technologies, the authorised QuickBooks local partner in South Africa, Swanepoel understands how cloud computing capabilities can benefit the accounting sector.

“I use QuickBooks Online, which offers local online accounting solutions to ease small business owners’ daily tasks and give us the extra time we need to focus on strategy, nurturing customer relations, garnering new business and other aspects of growing our businesses.”

Bridget du Toit, Head of Sales & Services at EasyBiz Technologies says by making their move to the cloud, business owners and accountants can log into the programme whenever they need to. “From its integration with banks, multi-user collaboration functionality and free mobile app and unlimited support, QuickBooks Online allows users the flexibility to take their offices with them wherever they go.”

Swanepoel says moving to a cloud-based system presented him with an entirely new perspective and the ability to tap into its many benefits. “This has resulted in a faster and more effective accounting process, and ultimately, happier clients.”

Swanepoel admits that transitioning the company’s client base was time-consuming at first. “By showcasing the advantages of shifting to cloud, my clients didn’t need a lot of convincing and they onboarded quickly.”

“The transition from our previous systems to Quickbooks online cloud solution was easy. Once we opened our minds to the benefits the new technology offered, we were even more delighted when those benefits exceeded our initial expectations,” concludes Swanepoel.