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CPD Level 1: Economic recovery


If your CPD hours are not up to date, or if you need help with a specific technical topic make sure to pick your discounted catch up package before 30 September 2020. These topics are brought to you by the official SAIBA CPD provider saiba.academy:

CPD Level 1 Economic Recovery Support

Topics to help you generate fees

The following topics are included in the economic recovery packages and represent all the CPD hours you require for 2020:


  1. Ethics, Independence and Noclar
  2. Compliance and Legislation Update 
  3. Reporting Engagements 
  4. 2020 IFRS for SME Update 
  5. Companies Act Update
  6. Preparing Financial Statements 
  7. Management accounts
  8. Independent Review
  9. Accountants Win with 4IR 


  1. 2020 Budget & Tax Update
  2. Vat Refresher
  3. Tax Issues for Individuals (ITR12)
  4. Understanding Trust Taxes
  5. Ethics for Tax Practitioners
  6. Capital Gains Tax
  7. SARS Debt Management
  8. Tax practitioners and 4IR 


  1. Ethics, Independence and Noclar
  2. How to Register and maintain a Business Managing and growing your Practice
  3. VAT for Bookkeepers
  4. Payroll for Bookkeepers
  5. Company Law Amendments for Bookkeepers 
  6. Security against Cybercrime