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Entrepreneurial accountants explain why they choose Saiba as their professional home


You might have noticed the extraordinary number of entrepreneurial accountants that are members of Saiba.

We featured many of them in Accounting Weekly over the course of the last several months. For example, Didiserv founder Siphe Didiza, multiple business owner Russel Ngobeni, serial entrepreneur Coenie Middel, Ecomm Accounting Solutions founder Nadine Chetty, or how about Hillyne Jonkerman’s extraordinary life as an unstoppable business creator, or Awonke Dyantyi, a woman accountant on a mission to build prosperous businesses and spread some goodness in the world. Or how about Lehanna Nel, Saiba’s Namibian representative, who has carved a niche for herself among farmers and business owners.

We’ve left out so many others, all of them bursting with a kind of vitality seldom found in the accounting profession.

Siphe Didiza is part of a new generation of young, entrepreneurial accountants

And that’s exactly the point: Saiba is the logical home for these accountants who want to go beyond the traditional role of being a bookkeeper to SMEs.

Make no mistake, the South African economy is in urgent need of the kind of accountants we have listed out here. They understand what it takes to start a business, to forsake comfortable employment by going it on their own, to make sure they can make payroll at the end of the month, and by finding ways to differentiate themselves from the crowd.

Lehanna Nel has built a successful practice in a remote part of Namibia by helping farmers with their accounting and export needs

Russel Ngobeni’s passion is accounting and training, and he built a formidable enterprise focusing on these areas. Similarly, Nadine Chetty has a passion for teaching other accountants how to build thriving practices -0 and this is exactly what she has been doing for the last five years.

Siphe Didiza built a fully digitsed accounting practice as a way of separating himself from the herd. Though trained as an accountant, he learned new skills such as web design and ecommerce in order to expand his earnings potential. These were smart moves. His business thrived during the Covid lockdown.

Coenie Middel runs one of the largest private accounting practices with more than 170 staff and eight branches around the country – but this is only part of what he does. He’s also the founder of a string of media companies: Dondoo Studios, involved in virtual and augmented reality; Talent Planation, which provides new technologies in the field of education; Left Post Production, offering post-production of commercial and films; And Tixsa, on online ticketing business.

All of these people are accountants to their core, but they are also multiple business owners. And they have chosen Saiba as their professional home because it understands and fosters that entrepreneurial spirit among its membership.

Nadine Chetty has built a thriving practice doing what she loves most- training and coaching accountants to build thriving practices

Saiba assist members to expand their revenue streams

Saiba has built its membership offering on creating revenue streams and entrepreneurial opportunities. For example, it offers members the opportunity to earn licences as immigration specialists, independent reviewers or accounting officers, to name a few.

Coenie Middel is a serial entrepreneur who runs one of the largest accounting practices in the country, but this is only part of what he does

Explains Awonke Dyantyi: “Obtaining my BAP designation plus the licence to practise non-assurance engagements is one of the highlights of 2020; This has encouraged me to build confidence in my businesses and my clients have confidence in me. The newsletters that get sent are also very helpful, they help me make quick decisions that help me make more money. There are also many other benefits such as getting insurance and legal advice. Next on the list is the license to practice Immigration Law, I know obtaining this license will not be easy but it will be worth it.”

Awonke Dyantyi is a born entrepreneur who loves accounting

Hillyn Jonkerman explains why he finds his professional home in Saiba, and what he plans to do in the future: “I want to become a CFO and am glad that I can do that through Saiba. I also want to grow as an entrepreneur, and to develop as an individual to achieve happiness. I have a medical supplies company and I also have investments in properties. Having these business grow while I develop myself as an entrepreneur in the process is my goal and I plan on venturing into other businesses as well.”

Hillyne Jonkerman has been an entrepreneur since he was 10. Accounting gave him the tools to understand business

Being a Saiba member has been of incalculable help, says Siphe Didiza. “What I like about Saiba is that it is geared towards entrepreneurial accountants like myself. It gives me professional recognition and training, as well as membership of an organisation at the leading edge of accounting, and gives my clients comfort that I am part of a group that stands by unshakeable values of ethics, integrity and professionalism.”

Saiba’s message to members in 2021:

Says Saiba CEO Nicolaas van Wyk: “Accountants are vital to the South African economy, particularly at this time of collapsing business confidence as a result of Covid. We have the skills and know-how to turn businesses around and we have to get the economy back on its feet. Accountants have to offer more than bookkeeping services. They must become business doctors, knowing how to fix what is broken and strengthen that which is working well. My message to Saiba’s members for 2021 is this: let’s take our rightful place in the driving seat of the SA economy, let’s build thriving practices ourselves that serve as an example to our clients that prosperity in the midst of adversity is possible. We must become examples of excellence to our clients.

”As a professional body, we have a wealth of training resources on our website and at Saiba Academy – members should dedicate themselves to using these for several hours a week. And, of course, we have Accounting Weekly and CFO Talks as a way of communicating with our members and the broader accounting and financial communities.”

Here’s wishing you a prosperous and expansive 2021!

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