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Eskom, Christmas and 2020


A lot of things are suddenly much clearer in the dark.  

With the mistakes and incompetence at Eskom threatening to plunge us back into the dark ages, we as a country and as a profession need to learn a few lessons fast.

  1. Good intentions don’t mean a thing. Good actions mean everything.
  2. Having goals doesn’t mean a thing. Having the right goals, means everything.
  3. No person or entity will save us. We have to save ourselves by holding ourselves, clients, government and the profession accountable.

Here are SAIBA’s gifts of Christmas for a better 2020. 

Let’s stop waiting for others to turn our lives around. Let’s stop talking a good game, let’s start doing good. 

Why not use the next few weeks to plan your year? Think about all your problems and how you can make things better in 2020. For example:

  1. Power generation will be a big thing. Do you have clients or potential clients in that space? What do you need to learn to serve the needs of those clients better?
  2. Cannabis, Insurance and AI are new business models that need specialist accountants. Find those clients and service them.
  3. Phone your clients this week and ask them how their business is doing. Stop being a postbox waiting for clients to drop stuff off for filing with SARS. 
  4. Offer your clients monthly retainers of between R500 – R5000 per month and become their outsourced CFO. Take over their complete finance, HR, and procurement function and make them more reliant on you. If you get 10 clients that’s up to R50 000 per month.
  5. Appoint more staff as you can’t grow with only one employee.

SAIBA can help you do all this. I just met with my MANCO and we completed our 2020 Year Plan. Here’s just some of the ways we will take care of you in 2020:

  • 4 exclusive CFO Talks events
  • 48 CPD webinars in conjunction our CPD partner
  • 1 CFO World Conference in France with IAFEI
  • 1 African Accountants Conference with PAFA
  • 1 SAIBA Namibian Conference
  • 1 Mandela Day volunteer event
  • 1 Accounting and Finance Show 
  • 1 Tax Indaba with SAIT
  • 3 Accountant Conferences
  • 10 Accountant Networking events with Quickbooks 
  • 1 Budget and Tax Conference with SAIT
  • 4 Workshops each with CIPC, CLC, BRLC, SARS, FRSC 
  • 4 Regional forum meetings with SAIBA Members in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Bloemfontein.
  • 10 Interviews on CFOTalks with regulators, including IRBA, SAQA, CIDB, DHE and Fasset.
  • 10 SAIBA Technical Committee workshops
  • 40 AccountingWeekly updates for 2020
  • 5 University open days with students 

The SAIBA year plan is designed around our member’s needs. If we implement it well, we will add another 1000 new members to our ranks by the 4th quarter of 2020. Take our example and take control. Empower yourself and show Eskom and the world how it’s done. 

P.S Our offices will be closed over the festive period from 11:00am on Friday 20th December and will officially re-open on Monday 6th January 2020. 

Nicolaas van Wyk
Chief Executive Officer