Fun fact: Accountant invented chewing gum


In 1906, after more than twenty years of research, Frank Henry Fleer of the American company Fleer created a gum with which one could blow bubbles.

Called “Blibber-Blubber”, it failed on the market because the gum stuck to faces when blowing bubbles and had to be removed with turpentine.

Then, in 1928, in stepped Fleer accountant Walter Diemer who liked to experiment with gum recipes in his spare time and discovered a recipe that allowed the gum to be easily peeled off the face once the bubble burst. It took him four months to perfect the recipe.

Fleer began marketing the new gum as “Dubble Bubble” and Diemer himself taught salesmen how to blow bubbles as a selling point for the gum, helping them to demonstrate how Dubble Bubble differed from all other chewing gums.

Sold at the price a penny a piece, sales of Dubble Bubble surpassed US$1.5 million in the first year. However, Diemer did not patent his invention and competition soon arose as bubble gum became a popular and inexpensive treat during the Great Depression.

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