Predicting the future is a fools errand, states Futurism – a digital media platform ( that curates the technological innovations and scientific breakthroughs that will shape our future – on its website.

“Yet, someone has to do it.”

Here are some of their predictions taken from an infographic (see below) published on their website:

By 2026 nanoporous fabrics, miniaturised electronics and haptic feedback will make for “smart cloting” that will change shape and colour.

By 2028, precious metal and minerals extraction from active submarine volcanoes will become feasible and economical.

By 2029 power and pollution problems will be solved with electrochemical cells that suck in CO2 to generate electricity and byproducts.

By 2037 cheap 3D printers in every home prints out almost anything – from electronics, and furniture to food and medicine.

By 2041 holographic pets are the next “thing” and holographic dating sites take off.

By 2055 undersea and floating cities developed to mine deuterium fusion fuel from seawater become wealthy and powerful city states.