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Get commercial legal advice for your practice with Legal Sense


For more than a decade, Saiba has been a member and partner of Legal Sense, which has provided commercial legal services to SMEs and accounting practitioners for more than 15 years.

Legal Sense has been helping Saiba members with free “pre-telephonic” advisory services on issues related to their practices. However, for Saiba members to get all the benefits that Legal sense has to offer, they need to join Legal Sense at a membership fee of either R400 per month for an individual or R600 p.m. for a practice with employees.

“A lot of businesses have non-paying customers due to a variety of reasons. We look out for the business’ interest we do debt collection on their behalf, to make sure that they get paid, and we do it using legal means. We have succeeded in doing that for a lot of our clients and also helped them in terms of drafting contracts for their employees,” says Legal Sense director Sunette Britz.

In a previous interview with Accounting Weekly, Brittz said the partnership with Saiba had already borne fruit, with several Saiba members making use of the Legal Sense hotline to ask for legal advice on matters relating to employment, contract law, as well as legal and civil disputes.” To know more about the types of cover that Legal Sense offers you can read here.

Legal Sense has confidence in their services, with attorney’s who have more than 10 year’s working experience and over a hundred years of expertise in the whole company, you can trust that they will offer great services to you and your practice.

Legal Sense member benefits

  • Letters of engagement drafting
  • Client documentation
  • Contracts of employment
  • Article agreements
  • Warning letters
  • Disciplinary hearing for employees
  • Debt collection from non-paying clients

Become a member of Legal Sense

To know more about Legal Sense you can visit their website.  To become a member of Legal Sense, you can contact them on 010 612 0379 or email Sunette Brittz at sunette@legalsense.co.za. For Saiba members, you can ask your consultant more about the pre-telephonic advisory services that Legal Sense offers to Saiba members.