Grow your accounting business in 2018


No matter how busy you are, set aside some time each week to work on marketing to your existing client base.

This is advice from California based document filing service CorpNet Incorporated.

In a blog article, the author tells accountants how to do it by:

Getting to know your clients better; letting clients know more about your business; rewarding your loyal clients; asking your clients for referrals; tapping into technology and; offering new services at your practice.

The author says the more clients know about your expertise, the better understanding they’ll  have of what you do for them. When they find out that you offer a certain expertise, they may ask you to provide that service, too.

Other tips include:

  • – The more involved you become in the minutia of your clients’ finances, the better you will be equipped to suggest additional services.
  • – Setting up a process for getting referrals is the best way to ensure it really happens by using popular referral software programs you to streamline and organize your referral system.
  • – You’ll make more money by offering additional services to your clients, making you more valuable to them. Your clients win because you’re helping them do something they don’t have the time or expertise to do.

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