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Here to serve you: Nomvula Lodi, Saiba’s personal portfolio consultant


Nomvula Lodi is a personal portfolio consultant who has been part of Saiba’s incredible growth story.

Nomvula Lodi, Saiba personal portfolio consultant

She joined Saiba in 2014, having previously worked at SA Multi Loans, Momentum and Capitec is various capacities, from sales to consulting and eventually financial advisor.

Born and raised in Soshanguve, Nomvula is one of 10 children. Ggrowing up with nine siblings taught her to share, communicate, interact with different personalities – though, she jokes, her siblings were always fighting for the remote.

Her biggest fear was failing herself more than failing anyone else. After completing her matric she enrolled at Unisa to study psychology, but cut that short due to financial difficulties..


Nomvula remembers well the day she arrived for a job interview at Saiba.

“On the day of my interview I got there late, and I was interviewed by Nicolaas van Wyk (CEO of Saiba), I was so scared, but I got the job and joined the other employees. There were less than seven of us then. At first, I did not have a desk and I used to work with Nicolaas in the boardroom. It was scary, but I made a plan. I found a little desk and moved out of the boardroom.

“I must say that working with Nicolaas in the boardroom really helped me. He helped build my confidence and taught me how to do work and speak to clients. It was difficult back then because no-one knew what Saiba was, so we had to reference other professional bodies for people to understand. We didn’t even have a website. Looking at what Saiba is now, we have come so far, and we can now compete with other professional bodies that we feared so much six years ago.”

What can you say about Saiba’s growth?

“No-one knew what Saiba was when it was starting out, but now that is no longer an issue. When I started working, we had less than 2,500 members. Now we are at 9000 and counting. It’s a great achievement to see what Saiba has become.”

What has it been like working from home?

“Working from home is good, though you get so consumed by what you are doing that you forget to eat. I am always alone in the house during the day, so I find I can get very productive, hardly take breaks in between. I spend more time with family and assist with activities more than I did when we were working from the office because I would get home tired and just sleep. Now I get more opportunity to interact with my family.”  

What do you like about working at Saiba?

“Being able to educate and inform a member on how to grow and advance their career is one of the best things about working for Saiba. Advising members and seeing them take your advice and making the best out of it is amazing, I get to see members improve themselves and their careers and I am proud to be the one aiding the process.”

What are the most difficult experiences you have ever had?

“We deal with different people every day and sometimes, when our members are not having a good day, it gets a bit difficult to assist them. Sometimes they do not take our advice and it worries me a lot, because at Saiba we want what is best for our members.”

How can you advise members to better use the services at Saiba?

“I advise them to do the following:

  • Equip themselves with information that is available on our websites
  • Inquire more about the various professional designations and how to qualify for them
  • Qualifying for a designation is a great achievement, and after that the sky is the limit
  • Conduct research into what services are in demand and equip your company with the necessary certification to better serve your clients.”

What do members feel are the best services offered by Saiba?

“Saiba is different from other professional bodies. The designations are not limiting, and you can always do more and expand, so utilise the Saiba academy to upskill yourself.

“You can interact with the relevant people at our networking events. All Saiba services are tailored to suit members’ needs and help them grow, and we are here to help them in the process.”

What are the common questions that members ask?

“How do I start my practice? The answer to that is you must have proper qualifications and you need to interact with people who have already started their practice, and are busy operating in the field.

“Another question is how can I gain more knowledge, and which route should I take as an accountant? Also, how can I attract new clients.

“Saiba has technical support to assist members with all the necessary information so make use of it.”

Family and hobbies

Outside the workspace, Nomvula likes the outdoors, traveling, and spending time with her husband and little sister. She enjoys reading and she is a fun person to be around. Although the lockdown curtailed her regular activities, she is glad that cinemas are open because now she can go for a movie – at long last!