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How do you fare in this checklist to make sure your clients are made to feel important?


Ed Mendlowitz at CPA Trendlines has put together this checklist to help you assess how important you make your clients feel.

Clients are our customers. They pay our salary and enable us to make good livings. Do what you can to accommodate them and make them feel important – as important as they believe they are.

Also be user-friendly – do not make it difficult to work with you. Clients don’t know how smart we are. They think we are great, but they measure us by the small things – the good and bad.

  1. Have your phones answered whenever someone is in the office.
  2. Do extras for them where possible.
  3. Call to give a heads up on unexpected results – good as well as bad results.
  4. Occasionally give them an extra.
  5. Return their calls.
  6. Don’t blow deadlines.
  7. Be available.
  8. When a client complains,

You must:

  • deal with it immediately,
  • recognize the importance of the problem to the client and
  • learn how to feel the way the client feels about it.

You can’t fool the client into thinking you care if you don’t.