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How Saiba is assisting the NPO sector


Almost a year ago, Saiba became a strategic partner of the NPO Alliance to help it better fulfil its mandate to improve and empower the NPO sector. That partnership has grown from strength to strength and is about to enter a new phase.

Saiba and NPO Alliance management

The Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) Alliance is aimed at addressing the following:

  • Issues concerning non-profit organisations, big or small
  • Mediate the conversation between government and the NPOs
  • Assisting with securing funding for NPOs
  • Foster the development or improvement of regulations pertaining to NPOs
  • Forming networks across the country.

The Alliance’s coordinator Chippa Sithole spoke to Accounting Weekly about the evolving partnership with Saiba.

Sithole’s responsibilities include administration and communication with members of the alliance and government, among others. He says the Alliance is grateful for the help that Saiba has brought from the beginning of this partnership, listing the following areas of assistance:

  • Construction of a new website to communicate with the world and members.
  • Office space in Selby, Johannesburg
  • Accountants to assist NPOs with the preparation of accounts and compliance issues
  • Communicating with government and relevant departments
  • Improved communication within management.

“These services that Saiba has been offering to the alliance have been greatly received and we now have a physical office, working on a website and this shows so much progress that has been born through the partnership. We also have had the opportunity to have meetings within the management structure, this is important for a work-in-progress organisation like the alliance to have a chance to discuss structural matters during this pandemic. Also, adherence to regulations. Without the help of Saiba, we would not have this opportunity or get the chance to share and inform relevant parties that we cater to and the government.”

Sithole also explained that the Alliance is yet to grow and bring about change in the NPO sector, bringing government and businesses into play, the future looks very bright for the Alliance and NPOs from big ones small once in local districts. 

The future for NPOs

The NPO alliance is still growing and some of the plans underway include:

  • NPO Assist programme improvements
  • Ensuring that the Alliance has a council
  • Improving the regulatory framework (the NPO Act of 1997) 
  • Education – there is a need for a change in how NPOs function in different environments, also looking at the current Covid-19 pandemic
  • Increase in networks in different regions and districts.

Sithole says the partnership with Saiba is moving into its next phase and will assist the Alliance in reaching its goals of serving the public in the NPO sector.

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