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How to blow your clients’ minds with Fathom presentation software


How many clients are accountants losing because of poor presentation?

You present them with a wad of paper showing rows of figures and straight away you see the eyes roll into the back of their heads.

You realise you’ve lost them already. No-one is going to make sense of a bunch of figures.

Now show them something like this, using Fathom’s unbelievably versatile software to turn dry figures into the story of the company along with visual representation of break-even under any scenario, and how many key performance indicators (KPIs) are on target (or not) and any number of “what if” scenarios:

Suddenly, you’re talking an entirely different language. You’re sitting with a client and you’re able to show how the company is doing in terms of its key performance indicators, and how many of these indicators have been missed.

Then you’re able to show the client a number of different “what if” scenarios: what if you hire an extra employee this month, or delay it by three months, and what impact this will have on cash flow; what if you lease a new truck now or wait two months; what if you scale down the size of the head office and allow some staff to start working from home.

All of this can be visually represented, showing the impact on expenses, cash flow and profitability.

Saiba has recently formed a partnership with Fathom, offering members big discounts on the usual price. Fathom also integrates smoothly with QuickBooks Online and other accounting packages.

Fathom’s pricing is scaled depending on the number of clients, starting at R600 for a single client.

There is no question that a presentation on Fathom will blow you customers’ minds far more than having them wade through a pages and pages of figures. You can take a look at Fathom’s website here.

Says Matthew Lowry, Fathom’s head of operations for Africa and the Middle East: “We encourage accountants to sign up for a free trial. We think once you’ve used it, you’ll never look back.”

Fathom’s features

Fathom is an all-in-one financial analysis, cash flow forecasting, and reporting app that syncs with leading accounting systems QuickBooks, Excel and others.

It’s ideal for businesses and advisors, provides custom KPI tracking (financial and non-financial), management reports, three-way forecasts, dashboards, benchmarking and multi-currency consolidations.

It gives your clients deeper insights into your accounting data so you can make better business decisions.

Features include: analysis, reports, forecasting, benchmarks, consolidation and alerts.

It gives clients a clearer picture of their business performance and in-depth analysis of their numbers. As an accountant, it helps you assess profitability, cash flow, growth and other key performance indicators.

Reports and Dashboards

This is where Fathom shines. It offers perfect presentation-ready reports that you can customise and rebrand with your company logo.

In this way you can better impress clients, and share business results in personalised, clear and compelling visual reports.


One of the most powerful features of Fathom is its forecasting tools. It allows you to plan for any outcome with unlimited scenarios and intelligent predictions. You can model out individual events and aggregate them into a dynamic business roadmaps that bring to life visual planning for your clients or investors.


You can easily compare, rank and benchmark your companies, clients or franchisees.

Consolidation reports

Consolidated financial reporting, made easy. Effortlessly consolidate multiple entities with speed, flexibility, and accuracy.


You can set up alerts to monitor when key financial metrics, missed targets or exceed critical alert levels.

Discount for Saiba members

Members who participate will receive a 40% introductory discount when they sign up with FathomHQ via Saiba.Academy for the first 12 months. Use your unique code today! Code: SAIBAdiscount40.

Visit FathomHQ at: https://www.fathomhq.com/