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International chef turned Saiba portfolio consultant: Meet Wesley de Kock


Wesley de Kock was formerly a chef who travelled the world, absorbing the tastes and cultures of different countries. That came to an end when he got sick and returned home to recuperate. It was then that he decided to make a career change.

He started working as a consultant at Discovery Health and for the next six years his career took off. After six years it was time for another change, and in 2016 he moved to SA Accounting Academy (SAAA) where he first encountered Saiba. In 2019 he moved to Saiba as a personal portfolio consultant.

His experience as chef helped him handle the pressures of meeting Saiba member expectations and he revels in it. At Saiba he worked towards perfecting his skills, learning telephone etiquette and other competencies – the same kind of drive that pushed him to become one of the best consultants at Discovery Health, where he won numerous awards.

A typical day in the life of Wesley consists of attending to member queries, assisting new members with information and completing the membership process.

“I usually have different phases to my day, depending on what I am doing on that particular day. At the end of the week I recap on what was happening, also sending out a mailer to the list of members I am responsible for just to remind them of important information and new developments that are taking place.”

The transition from working from the office to working from home due to the Covid lockdown meant that he had more time due to the fact that he was no longer commuting to the office.

“One thing about working from home is that you can work from anywhere, you are more productive and work much more than when you are in the office. At times you even forget to take a break, but the most important thing is knowing how to discipline yourself because no one is watching over you.”

We decided to take a deeper look at the life and career of Wesley de Kock.

What appeals to you about working at Saiba?

Saiba has a good mission: it grows with its members and focuses on their development and upskilling more than any other institution. It is also gratifying to point members in the right direction and upgrade members from associates to the higher designations.

One moment I remember was helping a member through his verification process and he now has two licenses and a designation. It shows how much impact I have on the careers and businesses of our members. Watching them grow and succeed gives me so much joy and I make sure that I touch base with these members every month to hear how they are doing. 

What are the most difficult parts of the job?

We check on members’ profiles regularly to see if they are in good standing and it becomes difficult when I call in a member to remind them to pay their fees and they became obnoxious. Not only does it impact them badly but it can hinder their careers and businesses. Most understand. Some do not..

How can members better use Saiba’s services?

The most important thing is to stay in contact with your consultants, always call in if you do not understand or need clarification about anything. Read your emails. We inform you of important and new developments to keep you updated so engage with your consultants on a regular basis.

What do you feel are the best services offered by Saiba?

  • Licenses help members to get designations and specialisations. This helps them increase their income and gain new skills.
  • Helping members keep up with technology and the 4IR, through QuickBooks and other cloud-based workspaces.
  • Saiba’s efforts to lobby government during Lockdown Level 5 to allow accounting services to be recognised as essential services.
  • Saiba is not your typical regulatory professional body. The care for and engagement with the members is the best there is!

Outside of work Wesley is a family man. He is engaged and has two children. He takes his family on hiking trips and puts his children and family first. He is involved in charity work, and is a part of a charity organisation called Round Table that focuses on helping the disadvantaged across the country.