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‘It is never too late to pursue your goals’- Sarah Maodi, Saiba’s personal portfolio consultant


Sarah Maodi was born into a family of five children and a single mother. She finished her matric but was unable to further her studies due to lack of finances. She then got a job at Edgars, and over the next 15 years worked her way up to a management position until she was retrenched.

She saw it as an opportunity to study full time and enrolled for a diploma in marketing management. She was offered an internship to complete her training hours with Saiba, which then morphed into a permanent position as a personal portfolio consultant. Currently, in addition to her marketing diploma, she has completed another diploma in public management, “I feel so content about my achievements and I really did what felt like was the impossible,” she says.

Sarah believes that perseverance and hard work pays off and she is on her way to reaching her full potential, having already achieved what many deemed difficult.

Accounting Weekly caught up with Sarah to learn more about what makes her tick.

Tell us about your family

I have an eight year-old boy and a five year-old girl, and they are my biggest motivation, I thrive to make their lives better. I have been married for seven years, I enjoy being around and spending time with my family. We do everything together. I love cooking and experiencing new things, going to parks and playing games, I do anything that involves spending time with my loved ones.

What is your typical day like?

In the evening before sleeping, I check my emails and respond to the one which do not need a detailed response. Then in the morning I make sure I respond to the emails that need a detailed response, I make sure I do not sleep without responding to all, if not most, emails. I then get my to-do list for the day; and reach out to pending members to get to know them better and guide them through the process of full membership. Part of my job involves communicating with members about their inquiries and new products, announcements, and notices.

How has it been working from home?

It is so easy, there’s less hassle because I do not have to stress about travelling, even though I wake up every morning and do the same routine as I did when going to the office, I am always looking forward to working and I even forget what knock-off time is and I hardly take lunch. Now that my children are not going to school, they remind me to eat and take a break every now and then.

Why do you like working at Saiba?

For me working at Saiba is like a child experiencing Christmas for the first time, it so amazing and I cannot liken the experience to anything else. The level of professionalism, ethics, integrity, and customer care I learnt from my experience at Edcon made it easy for me to adapt and perform at my level best. Saiba is a great organisation, not only for its members, but also the employees.

What are the most challenging experience you had with members?

I can’t talk much about the challenges, but I have had great experiences dealing with members during their designation application. Most members are so thankful, despite the odd difficulty I experience with some members. I remember one member who was so grateful that he said he wished to do a traditional ceremony of thanksgiving for me because I did not only help him, but I helped improve the living conditions of his family. 

When I see a member whose profile is not in good standing, it saddens me because they are not seeing the opportunities and benefits that come with Saiba.

How can you advise members to better use the services at Saiba?

I advise members to make use of the benefits that come with being a member because that is what they are paying for. Do not join and just sit: apply for designation, improve yourself and acquire all the necessary skills to take you where you need to be.

What do you feel are the best services offered by Saiba?

Everything at Saiba is great. You even get to have your own personal consultant and that’s not something that other accounting bodies offer. You can be a member from when you are a student without taking any exams and you have access to resources that will help you grow, from networking to campaigns. That is all you need to become a great professional. So start your journey today and join Saiba!