To know your POPIA you must know your GDPR


Accountants can register for a webinar to keep abreast of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which may also impact the South African Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA).

Thomson Reuters and AccountingWEB have teamed up to present the seminar and data protection expert Victoria Tuffill will talk around the key facts of the new regulation. There will also be a discussion about how technology can help accountants manage their data better, as well as about the practical implications of complying with GDPR from a practitioner’s point of view.

Understanding the EU GDPR regulation will provide direction as to the steps organisations need to implement in the European Union, organisations who trade with the EU, and South Africa in anticipation of the implementation of the POPIA.

International law firm Michaelsons says on its web site when South African enacted POPIA, South Africa did not know what the GDPR would look like. The concern was that the GDPR would be radically different from POPIA and it would mean that Parliament would need to change POPIA significantly.

They say considering the EU is one of South Africa’s biggest trade partners, South Africa is going to have to bring POPIA more in line with the GDPR. This could be done by Parliament amending POPIA or the Information Regulator interpreting it in line with the GDPR.

Some of the difference between the GDPR and POPIA are that the GDPR does not protect legal entities and it also makes it obligatory for some organisations to have a data protection officer, whereas POPIA provides that every organisation has one by default.

To attend the webinar, register here.