Know your Touchpoints and Leave a Lasting Impression


It might sound so simple, but many businesses forget the importance of making every customer touchpoint count. We have a look at brand touchpoints and how you can leave a lasting impression, just by going back to basics.

Very few business owners think about the different ways their businesses interact with clients, leaving lasting impressions. What they don’t realise is that these touchpoints are what brings your brand to life.
They say that first impressions last – and according to research it takes only one-tenth of a second to judge someone. In the same way, brands are being judged.

Customers form an impression of your brand through the relationship lifecycle with your brand – ultimately made out of these brand touchpoints. Whether it is talking to the receptionist, seeing an advert, reading a flyer or your website, or how the packer greats you, these touchpoints are important. Each touchpoint creates an opportunity for a customer to experience your product or service.

Whether you want to know it or not, people experience your brand through different touchpoints that allow them to create an expectation of your business. These touchpoints define the brand and your business in the mind of the consumer.

In many ways, brands can be compared to human beings. Even though you don’t know the person standing in front of you at the pay point, you create a perception of them by looking at the way the person behaves and dresses. Only through observation, you are able to create a perception of the human being standing in front of you.

As business owners, the question that you need to ask yourself is, Am I in control and confident that every single touchpoint that consumers or stakeholders have with my business are in line with what I would like the market to believe about my brand?.

Think about it – what could be more important than improving sales and building a trust relationship with your customers? This can be done by simply managing your brand touchpoints, and as a result also improve the customer’s experience. By improving customer relationships and brand perception, you will immediately improve employee and customer loyalty.

Identify customer touchpoints

The goal of any business should be for touchpoints to reflect the brand promise.

Walking through the process where potential clients come into contact with your business, product or service, can help identify these all-important touchpoints.

  1. Where and how do customers get hold of your business (telephone, email, retail)?
  2. Where do potential customers see your brand? While driving in your branded car, flyers, website or an employee walking in your branded clothing. How does the person behave in your branded clothing ?
  3. Where and how are products sold ?

This comprehensive customer experience with your brand will enable you to create a touchpoint map that will help you define your customers’ experience with your brand.

How brand touchpoints can transform your brand

Customers will trust your brand, through a consistent customer experience with your brand. As in human relationships, trust develops between people.  The same happens with brands.

It is well understood that companies must work hard to provide customers with great service and that businesses have clear policies and procedures in place to ensure consistency during each interaction. However, few businesses have mastered the art of being consistent throughout the customer journey with a brand, even in the most basic needs.

Consistent brand behaviour and service results in trust, and trust in turn results in brand engagement.

Know your audience

Once you know how your audience reacts to certain touchpoints, change the touchpoint into a “wow” moment. Businesses who do not understand how to create the touchpoints and make the customer’s experiences valuable, will not succeed.

Remember the customer experiences will affect your business’s image and the perception of the business, and as a result this will affect sales.