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Launch of Saiba privyseal digital seals & certificates for members


We have subscribed to the PrivySeal Digital Accreditation Service to provide you with real-time digital credentials, to showcase your SAIBA membership. We believe this will benefit SAIBA by helping us to protect our Brand, Membership and Intellectual Property.

More importantly, it will help you, provided you and all our members use it widely. Your PrivySeal and linked digital Certificate should be displayed in your invoices, email footers, vans, marketing materials, social media profiles, websites, basically everywhere you can!

PrivySeal makes key information visible, showcasing your expertise and building trust.

PrivySeals are already being used by Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Mechanical Engineers, Landscape Architects, Accountants and many other SAQA recognised Professional and Regulatory bodies. It’s all about promoting people with genuine and current skills by making them visible.

Key Benefits
• Your SAIBA PrivySeal helps your clients spot the difference between a genuine SAIBA member who meets our requirements and can be trusted and potentially risky service providers, at a glance. It builds trust in your expertise and professionalism, helping you get and retain clients.
• All SAIBA PrivySeal and linked digital Certificate are automatically revoked and do not appear if a member is not currently in good standing. So, the days of pretending to be a paid-up SAIBA member, when they are not, are over.

• Assists professionals to be recognised as accredited, adding a competitive advantage.
• Distinguish between different levels of membership.
• Rewards the trade knowledge and regulatory compliance.

• Avoid the time consuming delays associated with the receipt via post of physical certificates as well as the related inconvenience of having to obtain and deliver certified copies.

The Public
• Assists the Public to identify compliant professionals at a glance.
• Assists the Public to make informed decisions in choosing a service provider.
Your real-time PrivySeal and Certificate(URLs) are available on your membership profile.

To insert Privyseal in your email footer simply go to your email signature editor and add the PrivySeal, using the URL. Then, should you wish you may hyperlink the PrivySeal to your digital Certificate, using the Certificate URL. (The QR code points to your Certificate.

We really hope that all the SAIBA PrivySeals are widely used and seen everywhere and help you build upon your already reputation by assisting you to prove you are a trusted Service Provider and Professional.

Please insert your SAIBA PrivySeal in your email footers, website, documents, etc, SAIBA will share your website pages (with the SAIBA PrivySeal) online on our facebook, Linkedin, and other social media pages.