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Learning at the feet of her father: Pholoso Futhane’s journey as an accountant


Pholoso Futhane was born and raised in Bela-Bela, and she has her father to thank for patiently instilling in her the basics of business. “I remember him taking us with him to run his errands, we would go to the bank and insurance companies where he would explain to us what he was doing what it was for and what were the benefits. And from that, the running of a business was a part of me.”

Pholoso is a BAP(SA) designation holder, with a love of figures, business and turning ideas into commercial opportunities. It’s something that her clients love about her. She originally intended to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a health care worker. It was only later that she discovered her innate talent for numbers and accounting.

She completed her financial accounting diploma at College Campus and then landed a job as an assistant accountant, followed by an engagement at an engineering consulting company. Ironically, she did not start out working as an accountant, but when a finance-related post became available within the company, she jumped at the opportunity. She worked her way through the ranks, from creditors clerk to finance clerk and assistant accountant before being retrenched in 2019.

Starting her own practice

Before being retrenched, she had registered a company, Solopho investments Pty Ltd in 2018 with a view to one day launching her own practice based in Johannesburg. Retrenchment was the trigger for a radical new direction in life: in 2019 she joined Saiba, having heard about it on Instagram. Her interest in Saiba grew as she did more research on the organization and what it was able to do for her as a professional accountant. After registering with Saiba she acquired her BAP(SA) designation. “At first I thought I wouldn’t qualify to be a member but finding out that Saiba is inclusive and could help me grow I knew it was the right organiation to be a part of.”

How did your company survive the pandemic?

For me, it was very easy because of my people background. I had to always remind myself why I started my company and that kept me going. I had not built a solid relationship with my clients before the pandemic, so this was an opportunity for me to explore a way forward that worked for both me and my clients. I looked at the future and realized the challenges will pass.

Being a Saiba member

Saiba is an inclusive organisation and this is something I love about it. It allowed me to feel confident that I could grow my career and my business. It was recently announced that Saiba is offering tax licenses. I am tremendously excited about this and I’m currently acquiring my license. Also, with a good leader like Nicolaas (van Wyk, CEO of Saiba) who motivates us members, you can never go wrong. He always says but members should never say no to work and that is what I stand by as well.

What the future holds

Pholoso has big dreams and plans to expand into property and investment as part of her commercial expansion. To this end, she has completed an investment certificate at the University of Johannesburg and is currently in the process of completing a property qualification. “Solopho group of companies (an accounting, investment and property group), that is where I am headed. And I am starting now because I was taught to never put all my eggs in one basket.”

The motivation and zeal to go after what she wants come from the inspiration that she gets from people around her, and she is willing to learn from them. She doesn’t believe in limits and lived by the quote: An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. – Benjamin Franklin