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Meet a member: Mohure Mamabolo, accountant extraordinaire and community champion


Life wasn’t easy for Mohure Mamabolo growing up in Atteridgeville, near Pretoria. “I wouldn’t exactly say we were poor, but money was always scarce and my parents had to stretch to bring us up,” he says.

High school was a 4km walk there and back each day, but the young Mohure quickly developed a love for figures and accounting. Like most aspiring accountants contemplating his next move after school, Mohure wanted to be a chartered accountant. But then he found a home in the SA Institute of Business Accountants (Saiba), and took up the BAP(SA) designation.

“I first learned about Saiba through my interactions with the SA Institute of Tax Practitioners (Sait) where I am currently holding GTP(SA) designation. I discovered that there are far more opportunities for entrepreneurial accountants like myself under the Saiba umbrella. They encourage entrepreneurship and education. For example, they are now offering specialist licences for accountants as immigration specialists, independent reviewers, accounting officers and so on. This is where the real future lies for accountants,” he says.

Mohure left school and completed a B.Compt degree through the University of SA (Unisa) where he remains as a lecturer to this day, teaching general business management. He then went on to study for a Masters degree in Business Leadership (MBL) at Unisa Graduate School of Business Leadership (Unisa SBL) and fell in love with academia. He started his accounting career working as a Vac Student with Big 4 firms like Ernst & Young, PWC during his undergraduate studies (B.Compt) school holidays, and got his feet wet as a trainee accountant under supervision and mentorship of Mr. Lucas Malamule Ndala CA(SA) later worked at Malan du Preez Incorporated as a trainee auditor, Accountant at Lefoka Attorneys and General Manager & Accountant at Mamerotse CPA before deciding to settle on academia as a career. His academic career started at Damelin before moving to Rosebank College in Sunnyside, and in 2017 was offered a position at Unisa. Mohure’s MBL research focuses on small business management factors that result in the failure of SMMEs in Tshwane. This research led to a position at Unisa Business Management Department.

He also has an accounting practice on the side. “Most of my clients are from the townships and schools, and I take great joy in showing them how to manage their funds, remain compliant and to expand their businesses,” he says.

“There is a huge opportunity in education in SA, and what really excites me is to impart entrepreneurial and accounting skills to the next generation of entrepreneurs. I find that businesses are lacking a huge amount of information about business in general, and compliance in particular. I love it when a student or a client has one of those moments of realisation about how the world of business functions and they are able to go off and achieve incredible things.”

Mohure was recently given Unisa’s 2019 College of Economic and Management Sciences award for community engagement after organising Youth Entrepreneurship and SMMEs Education community engagement seminar at the university’s Sunnyside Campus in Pretoria, with a range of speakers covering subjects such as marketing, accounting and financial management and he made a presentation on SMMEs tax compliance, labour legislation and CIPC related issues. Mohure is Unisa Business Management’s Business Education and Skills community engagement project Leader since March 2019. “My experience as an Accountant, Tax Practitioner and Academic by profession coupled with the experienced gained when I was a Service Provider for Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA) & Gauteng Enterprise Propeller (GEP) and Small Business Roadshows that I did with City of Tshwane Municipality Local Economic Development in the past led to this Community Engagement award”, he says. Mohure was recently appointed as Education Committee member of Southern African Institute for Business Accountants (Saiba).

“That, for Mohure, was one of those “Aha” moments when students – many of them already with small businesses of their own – were able to go away with a deeper understanding of the commercial world in which they were operating.

“I think I will always be teaching, and helping to culture the next generation of entrepreneurs,” says Mohure. “I know what it is like to come from a disadvantaged background and the struggles you have to go through. What I love to do is show students the path to success. If I can do that, then I have succeeded and that gives me the most joy.”

Mohure is currently a Doctor of Business Leadership (DBL) student at Unisa SBL with research focus area on Small Business Management & Tax Compliance.

Mohure is married and now lives in Centurion, not far from the streets of Atteridgeville where he grew up.

You can reach Mohure at mamabolomohure@gmail.com / emamabme@unisa.ac.za.