Meet SAIBA BAP(SA) Designation Holder Juliana Zvarimwa  

Juliana is an entrepreneur and a qualified Business Accountant in Practice (BAP) duly registered with SAIBA. She prides herself in having acquired her vast professional and entrepreneurial knowledge from working across many economic sectors including electronics, construction, education, among others, over the past ten years.  

Her journey to success has been long in the making, tumultuous and daunting, as would be expected for many who dare to walk the same path. It involved making bold decisions, often uncomfortable but necessary, some of which included emigrating from her home country of Zimbabwe to South Africa, where she has now successfully set shop.  

Juliana co-founded M.J IDEPA Construction Pty in 2017, a company that provides infrastructure development services across South Africa. As an Executive Director, she has stirred the company into a reputable and profitable going concern, whose order book runs into millions of Rands over a short period of time since the company`s inception.  

Her passion for the accounting profession led her to register her own accounting and business advisory agency in 2020 called Integrity Accounting and Business Solutions and recently merged with Business Parcel from 01/03/22 . Through this agency, she provides bespoke advisory, mentorship, and training services to SMEs from all sectors. She decided to offer these services to this particular segment after realizing how many SMEs were struggling to fulfil regulatory requirements that would help their businesses to establish and grow into reputable brands of unquestionable integrity, hence the name of her agency. To date, Juliana has helped dozens of SMEs, most of whom she has now developed deep relationships with as she continues to hold their hands along the way.  

Juliana is a quintessential example of a resilient and agile businesswoman. To mitigate against the continued covid-19 pandemic restrictions and lockdowns, Juliana decided to set up a fully- fledged home office where she now conducts 80 % of her consultations virtually, and physically meeting up with her clients only 20 % of her time. This approach has seen her business grow even during the current pandemic. Due to the success of her hybrid business model, she intends to continue developing it as she pivots her business to adapt to the new normal.  

In the midst of the covid-19 pandemic, multi-tasking between being a director in two active companies and family, Juliana managed to enrol for ACCA and hopes to complete her studies in record time.  

As someone who works at the intersection of business and regulation, Juliana has developed a keen interest in policy lobbying to help improve the balance between the regulatory and business operating environment. To that end, she plans to roll out virtual programs where she will engage with businesses and fellow accounting professionals to tackle various themes of interest. The program will be rolled out through podcasts and online webinars. These are meant to not only encourage engagement, but to also provide a credible platform for knowledge sharing and learning.  

When she is not in office, Juliana helps young people with spiritual and social guidance, touching on issues like mental health, relationships, and functional financial literacy.  

To learn more about her services, visit her agency`s website:  


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