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    What is Architectural Animation?

    Architectural Animation is a short digital architectural movie which includes the concerned project or construction, the site, animated people and vehicles, all of which are digitally generated through 2D or 3D animation techniques. Unlike an architectural rendering, which is a single image from a single point of view, an architectural animation is a series of such still images. When this series of images are put together in a sequence and played, they produce the effect of a movie, much like a real movie except, all images in an architectural animation are digitally created by computer. It is appropriate to add a computer-generated digital landscape around the central construction to enhance its visual effect and to better convey its relationship to the surrounding area.
    Medical Explainer Video Productions is thus an effective and attractive way to provide designers and stakeholders with a realistic view of what the project will look like on completion.

    Advantages of Architectural Animation

    3D architectural animation is highly user-friendly for the viewers since it provides an accurate realistic visual of the construction. Its gives a clear idea about the building from all angles along with a visual on core construction activities. Concepts of computer graphics and 3D animation help in creating highly realistic 3D architectural animation of any construction, and it gives a completely authentic idea of the finished product or building to the client. Designers or architects emboss their designs or plans on paper sheets and make them comprehensible for the clients through labeling. These days, various 3D animation software have been introduced in the market, which facilitate designers to present their plans in a more simplified and legible manner. Moving at par with industry standards, expert animators also use 3D animation techniques to prepare 3D project models, 3D house plans, [ANCHOR_COMES_HERE] 3D building plans, and 3D construction plans to provide a step by step analysis of the whole construction process.

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