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New Trends in Graduate Recruitment

Sourced: accountancydaily. Author: Rob Munro


According to a recent article on graduate recruitment by Rob Munro, (https://www.accountancydaily.co/kpmg-2019-graduate-scheme-opens) graduates hoping to enter the job market as auditors as early as next year, will need a richly enhanced skillset. While numeracy remains vitally important, the contemporary auditor will also need specific capabilities unrelated to academic achievement per sé. In future auditors will perform multiple roles. Apart from being an accountant, they will also perform the role of detective and data scientist.

Employers will be searching for individuals who are naturally curious, capable of thinking independently and who are detail focussed. Employers are looking more and more to employ a diverse set of employees due to the increased variety of work portfolios in an organisation. It is therefore very important for employers to employ graduates with diverse backgrounds so as to benefit from their combined diversity.

The article says that graduates who have an interest in technology based careers should also consider acconting as a career.

It goes on to say that graduates who are tech savvy may be well suited to a career in auditing specifically. Tech specialists, data analysts and expert coders are exactly what employers are on the lookout for. It has been cited that some employers are willing to teach these skills on the job.

Employers are also looking to improve their own graduate development programmes in order to offer training on the job. These programmes have become so innovative, graduates with any degree (English literature or politics) should consider applying with the proviso, they believe they have the sought after skills required.

It has been noted that the changing world of business makes accountancy a role that is continuously changing but remains collaborative.

Graduates who choose to pursue a career in legal services, or tax or even pensions will therefore be in a position to work directly with clients, understanding their issues and creating solutions for some of the challenges that lie at the heart of any business that runs successfully.

In the upcoming year, graduates entering the profession can expect to work in a service environment that will be professionalised in every way. The working world is being transformed in every way imaginable and this is largely due to digital transformation, which has resulted in revised business operating models as well as changes in tried and trusted employment practices. Employers are now seeking individuals who are willing to adapt to the ever changing world of work by constantly learning new skills and at the same time, earning the trust of their clients.

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