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Pastor Josef brings Saiba’s accounting muscle to the NPO sector


Saiba technical committee member Oko-Joseph Ogbonnia Nnanna (otherwise known as Pastor Josef) has been appointed deputy secretary-general of the NPO Alliance, an alliance of five non-profit groups , with the purpose of improving the effectiveness and financial strength on non-profits operating in SA.

“This is a major development for the SA Institute of Business Accountants (Saiba) and we will be playing a vital role in assisting non-profit organisations at every level – at grass roots, provincial and national levels,” says Josef. “We have the accounting and business skills to be able to assist NPOs at this very difficult time when funds are scarce and yet the demand for their services at the grass roots has never been more urgent.”

Joseph Ogbonnia is a Saiba technical committee member who has been lobbying on behalf of members at the highest levels of government. He was recently appointed deputy secretary-general of the NPO Alliance.

The NPO Alliance is working with the Department of Social Development to help alleviate conditions across the country in light of the Covid lockdown.

Saiba, together with the South African Institute of Tax Professionals (SAIT) and the Department of Social Development (DSD) recently launched a volunteer project to help NPOs become compliant with their financial reports and tax returns. An estimated 80,000 NPOs are non-compliant. Saiba decided to participate in the NPO Assist programme by way of accounting, business and tax expertise.

It is reckoned that 17 million South Africans rely on some form of social assistance to survive, though the figure has certainly grown during the Covid lockdown.

Saiba and SAIT have committed to providing R10 million worth of services to help the NPO sector become compliant. There are currently 1,249 volunteers involved in the project.

You can find out more here: https://saiba.org.za/about-saiba-2/npo-assist/ and here: http://www.npoassist.co.za/.

“We interface fortnightly with Department of Social Development and our message to the NPOs and those that they serve in the communities is this: there is life after Covid.”

Among the services being offered to NPOs are fundraising, policy research, corporate representation, website development, accounting services, and sponsorship of virtual meetings.

Joseph expects the level of involvement of Saiba members in NPO Assist to ramp up to an entirely new level, given Saiba’s elevated role in the NPO Alliance.

Man on a mission

Joseph came to South Africa in 2017, bringing his Christian ministry from his home country of Nigeria.

While he spends part of the week ministering to his congregation at the Christ Victory Life Chapel in Pretoria, he also plays a crucial role in the SA Institute of Business Accountants (Saiba) as part of its technical committee.

We first wrote about Josef’s journey to South Africa and his earlier career in the petroleum sector in Nigeria. It wasn’t so much business opportunities that called him here, but his Christian ministry. “God called me here,” he says.

Given his background as an accountant and business executive, it was a logical progression for him to join the SA Institute of Business Accountants’ (Saiba) technical committee, liaising with the highest levels of government on behalf of the profession.

“I am already used to working with people through my ministry, and I was really excited to do something on a broad scale to help people in need. The economy is trouble and people need help to recover from this. This is why this NPO Alliance is important to me, to Saiba, and to the country.”

Pastor Josef, in addition to being Saiba’s project manager for the NPO sector, also represents Saiba on the CIPC (Companies and Intellectual Property Commission) Company Liaison Committee, the CIPC Business Rescue Liaison Committee and coordinates Saiba’s Practice Support Network (PSN).